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My career in this industry spans more than 20 years. I have worked for a handful of some of the finest luxury and high-performance manufacturers in their respective categories in Sales, Marketing and Operations roles. Visit my LinkedIn profile to review my background.

In creating my company, I look to form partnerships with select manufacturer teams, and their portfolios of products that offer performance and design differentiation.

The top-tier dealers across the U.S. know that I will only bring them specialty products, best in their category, worthy of serious consideration for their portfolio.


my territory

Varies by brand, see below.




I am pleased and honored to represent the products below, and the teams of great people behind them.


trinnov audio

Representing the Amethyst and ST2 HiFi stereo products for Trinnov, I plan on demonstrating the many improvements these pieces can bring to high-performance music systems. Welcome the room into the mix, and hear the difference.

Manufactured in France.

Represented in CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, and AK.



Based on a real love of music played in its native form, Lode Audio was created out of a need to re-introduce high-quality music reproduction to the CI market. High-end performance and control multi-room audio streaming solutions for residential, marine, hospitality, and commercial markets.

Manufactured in the UK, with a U.S. subsidiary in New Hampshire.

Represented in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Western Idaho, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Also, Head of Sales for entire U.S.



Nakymatone has succeeded where other invisibles have failed...sound quality that will shame even some in-wall brands. Performance and ease-of-installation advantages way above the alternatives. You need to hear a demonstration.

Manufactured in Canada.

Represented in CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, AK and HI. Also, Head of Sales for entire U.S.


waterfall audio

The Waterfall Audio line is unique in its appeal to designers and clients interested in featuring the gorgeous glass designs throughout fine interiors, modern or traditional. The Pro Custom Series extends the Waterfall experience into private cinema rooms, delivering clear and intelligible high-SPL performances while completely hidden.

Manufactured in France.

Distributor for the entire U.S.


seymour screen excellence

The highest gain, fine weave screen material available. The Enlightor-4K is the only AT screen developed specifically for resolutions beyond 4K. For discerning listeners, a woven screen is the clear choice.

Manufactured in the U.S.

Represented throughout CA, Northern NV, and HI.


ineva design

Discerning clients looking for theater and entertainment furniture for use throughout their luxury homes and yachts, and only of the finest build quality inside and out, are turning to Ineva Design. Literally every aspect of the design, from dimensions and functionality to material selections, is open for discussion - bespoke designs they will never see in someone else’s home.

Handcrafted in The Netherlands.

Distributor for the entire U.S.


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